Food and Clothing

18 Favorite Breakfast Meals (3)OPEN HANDS FOOD SECURITY PROGRAM

Food hampers will be available every 2nd Tuesday from 11 am-2 pm inside the building.

In order to receive a hamper, you MUST preregister by calling 211. Your information will be added to a list, which will be provided to The Gathering Place the day the hampers are available. Once your name is on the list, your name is automatically added every 2 weeks. You are eligible for a hamper every 2 weeks.

Once you arrive at The Gathering Place, you will be greeted at the entrance by one of our fantastic friendly volunteers! As you proceed into our building you will be greeted in our reception area and screened for COVID-19 with a few simple questions. The support staff will take your information and register you (please have ID for ALL members of  your household).  You will proceed to our main hall and line up on one of the blue dots until you are asked to come forward. A staff member will assist you with choosing the food for your hamper and you may proceed out of the building, keeping in mind of social distancing at all times. Please note that facial masks fully covering your mouth and nose must be worn at all times when in the building.

*** Please note that ID must be shown for each family member receiving food from the OPEN HANDS Food Security Program.

We do not supply plastic bags for your hampers,  please bring your own bags!


Hope-fully yours

 “Hope”-fully Yours-

Free Clothing and Household Items

Free Clothing and Household items are available on the alternate Tuesdays of our OPEN HANDS food hamper program.  Between 10am-1pm all are welcome to visit our depot downstairs. Please note that since it is now downstairs, it is NOT wheelchair or walker accessible.  Visitors will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms at the door. Volunteers are available to help you look for specific items if need be.  Please keep in mind that masks are mandatory upon entrance to our building.

Donations are gratefully accepted- please call us at 623-8184 to arrange a time to drop off your donations.